Bengok Craft becomes TOP 5 in the “Pasar Lokal Suara UMKM”
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One of the programs from is entitled through Pasar Lokal or the Local Market. Pasar Lokal is a festival that collaborates with a number of regional communities and sponsors, with a variety of series of activities, ranging from registration of MSMEs, 3 city roadshows, mentoring classes, to the peak event of the Pasar Lokal. The roadshows for the three cities include Bandung, which was held on Thursday, 11 August 2022. As for Yogyakarta, it was held on Thursday, 18 August 2022. And the last one is Solo, which was held on Saturday, 22 August 2022.

The three cities roadshow presented a mentoring class event entitled “Creating quality products and getting the precise funding for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)” where SMEs were welcome to register their superior SMEs so they could get SME trainings from the mentors who are certainly skilled and experienced.

Among the requirements were filling out a registration form and telling an interesting business experience and vision. Besides the opportunity to get a mentoring class, SME owners also had the opportunity to win a total prize of 65 million rupiah.

Bengok Craft is one of the SMEs participating in the local market mentoring class in Solo City thanks to its passage in the TOP 60 selected SMEs.

The selection process is not over yet, Bengok Craft is again fighting for the position of the TOP 30 selected SMEs. Bengok Craft must participate in a series of mentoring activities with mentors such as Meika Hazim (CEO of Chocolate Ndalem), Lishia Erza (CEO of Asyx Supply Chain Financing & APINDO Entrepreneurship Development Committee), Arlin Chondro (CEO of Peek.Me Naturals), and Faransyah (CEO of Wiranesia Incubator) before finally joining the competition so that the judges would be amazed by the product. The jury judges including Imam Syafi’i who is the CEO of Satoe Asia, Sri Hadi Wibowo who is the COO of Indonesian SMEs, and Edric Chandra who is the DSC Initiator Program & APINDO Partnership Development Committee.

At that time, Bengok Craft managed to become the TOP 30. After that, it managed to get the position of the TOP 10 Best Business Proposals. From the TOP 10 Best Business Proposals, Bengok Craft eventually became one of the 5 winners in the “Kompetisi Pasar Lokal Suara UMKM“.

“This is a valuable experience to be able to meet mentors and judges who are very capable, and another surprise, we are very grateful to be one of the winners,” said Firman Setyaji as the owner of Bengok Craft after the announcement on Thursday (10/13).

Bengok Craft is one of the people’s efforts based on community empowerment that processes useless weeds into useful goods. The weed in question is water hyacinth which is widespread around Rawa Pening which surrounds Salatiga City and Semarang Regency.

Before he founded Bengok Craft in 2019, Firman saw that water hyacinth growth was also disrupting the swamp ecosystem. In addition, water hyacinth has not been used optimally by local residents. They usually only harvest and dry the water hyacinth to sell for around 5 thousand rupiah per kilo. The former alumni from the University of Indonesia also intervened directly to solve the problem.

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