Cerita Firman, Bisa Tembus Pasar di Jepang Berkat Dipromosikan Gubernur Jateng
Firman Setyaji (30) posed with a sticker that reads ‘Chosen SMEs’ at the Bengok Craft Gallery in Sejambu, Kesongo Village, Tuntang District, Semarang Regency, Central Java, Sunday (2/10/2022).

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“For the turnover, it’s already in the hundreds, I really didn’t expect it even though the capital was only Rp. 5 million. However, all that matters is that it raises the awareness of locals to take further use of water hyacinth. Because the risk they (picked workers) with the wages earned so far is not comparable. Not to mention the safety of the soul is also at stake. To get good water, you have to take it in the middle of the swamp. Once they take around 40 kilograms, they could only sell it and wait two weeks for it to dry for Rp. 5 thousand per kilo. From 40 kilograms of wet water, if it is dried in the sun, it will shrink to a maximum of 6 kilograms,” he explained

There must be an advanced program Separately, the Universitas Kristen Satya Wacoulda Salatiga Economics and Business Faculty (FEB) Lecturer Prof. Dr. Gatot Sasongko assessed that the hastag Ganjar program initiated by the Governor of Central Java was a smart step to break the deadlock of the community in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although so far it has had a positive impact, he said, it must be followed by further real programs.

Gatot gave an example, the Provincial Government (Pemprov) of Central Java through the Office of Communication and Information (Diskominfo) is expected to be able to assist SME businessmen who have been included in the mapping of the Ganjar program. Not only that, they (SMEs) who have not been selected could be included without having to participate in the struggle through hashtags.

“Why so? This is important to keep them motivated. Because, of the number of SMEs in Central Java, of course, not all of them have been reposted through Ganjar. So, there needs to be development there because it has been proven that Ganjar has succeeded in stimulating the economy of locals, and what we don’t realize is that this could reduce poverty,” he said.

The 1990 alumnus of the Master of Economics and Development Studies Universitas Gadjah Mada said that the success of the Ganjar program should also be imitated by the Regents and Mayors in Central Java. Because, if all officials move together, it is not impossible that the work of SME innovations in their respective regions will be lifted.

Gatot explained that in the midst of the onslaught of the media, the information needed now is collaborative working. Indirectly, he said, Ganjar Pranowo has been exemplifying this even though it often starts with a spontaneous response but has proven to have an impact.

“The difficult thing is to maintain, how Mr. Ganjar continues to want to be an SME influencer. Because, it was also proven that during the last pandemic, they were able to survive, they did various business engineering. Thus, if through these SMEs we could control the local market share in the regions and then expand nationally, why not?” he continued.

The 2008 Doctor of Economics graduate from Universitas Diponegoro Semarang suggested that the Central Java Provincial Government cooperate with e-commerce companies to boost sales of SME products. However, not all SMEs could be directly included, but a requirement scheme must be made in which the aim is to ensure the quality and safety of the product, especially in the form of food or beverages.

Meanwhile, Governor Ganjar when confirmed explained that his party had deliberately created the #LapakGanjar program so that businessmen in Central Java could develop. Especially those affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Not only in the form of support through free promotions for SME businessmen, credit for SME stalls is also provided, and so on.

According to him, the government’s task, in this case the Central Java Provincial Government, is not only to encourage SME businessmen to improve quality, including quantity. However, having the remaining assistance obligations invites and motivates SME players that in the digital world there is a wider market share.

“Therefore, last June in Solo, we launched LapakJateng.id the goal is to provide space for our SMEs to sell and products that are curated quite well. Until now, more than 2,500 SMEs have joined, hopefully with this all could stimulate SMEs to be more known Because, in it there are various products originating from 35 regencies/cities in Central Java and we are collaborating with Blibli.com, “he said. (*)

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Author: M Nafiul Haris | Editor: sujarwo

Translator: Ritya Rasta Bilqiis (bengokcraft)

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