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Starting a business could always be done in many ways, one of which is through resellers. Many people already understand that the term reseller comes from English. The word “Re” has the meaning of “return” or “repeat”. The word “seller” has the meaning of a seller. In simple terms, a reseller means a seller who resells several products from producers and suppliers. Being a reseller for beginners is more profitable than having your own shop. This is because being a reseller does not have to have capital. You may sell products from manufacturers directly without owning them. In addition, being a reseller is more profitable because it is very minimal risk. Because it does not require capital, the risk of loss could be minimized.

Currently, many resellers sell various products, ranging from food and beverage products, medicines, fashion, crafts, and many more. Becoming a Bengok Craft reseller may be your consideration for those of you who want to start a small to large-scale business. Bengok Craft, a producer of water hyacinth crafts, makes various crafts ranging from home decor, accessories, fashion, and others. This variation is the attraction and interest for customers. Moreover, the product is creative because it uses water hyacinth as the primary material, making it seem ethnic but still contemporary. After all, Bengok Craft’s creations always follow market trends and demands.

For those of you who want to become a beginner reseller by reselling water hyacinth crafts one by one, you could, especially those who want to get additional income through entrepreneurship. For those of you who want to become a large-scale reseller, you could sell Bengok Craft on a large scale, for example, to wholesalers with exports. Water hyacinth craft opportunities abroad are in great demand. It is proven that Bengok Craft has several times successfully exported to countries such as Singapore, Japan, Abu Dhabi, and even Italy.

Of course, this could be a business opportunity for you. Immediately cooperate with us!. For more benefits and information, you may reach us on our Instagram at @bengokcraft or click

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