Bengok Craft was re-elected as one of the MSMEs covered by the bank. On September 8, 2022, the BCA team came to the Bengok Craft homebase to hold a shoot of a video for MSMEs. Not without reason, this filming aims to record the business profile of Bengok Craft which will be displayed at the end of BCA UMKM Fest. The implementation of the BCA UMKM Fest starts from 12 August – 12 September 2022.

The Bengok Craft Team invited the BCA Team to show the process of making water hyacinth, which first started with harvesting water hyacinth taken from Rawa Pening, then continued with cleaning the water hyacinth plant from the mud using water. After that, the water hyacinth that has been cleaned is also cut and dried. After drying, flattening was also carried out, until finally the team saw the making of water hyacinth made by local craftsmen.

In addition, the shooting also brought Firman Setyaji as the owner of Bengok Craft to tell about his journey to establishing a sustainable business called “Bengok Craft”. BCA UMKM Fest is one of BCA’s support for UMKM to grow and develop. BCA UMKM Fest presents online and offline events. The event was filled with the opening ceremony by BCA’s board of directors.

Moreover, it also presented a showcase event for 300 MSMEs from various clusters such as food and beverages, hobbies, fashion, to health and beauty.

In addition to providing a place to market superior products, the offline BCA UMKM Fest 2022 activity also provides various workshop themes, talk shows, and various Showcase Installation & Digital Experience booths that can be visited by the public. Visitors can enjoy a variety of interesting activities such as fashion shows for fashion products made by local artisans, as well as exploring 50 leading local brands, from food and beverages, fashion, hobbies, health and beauty, to tours & travel. Not only that, visitors will also be pampered with various attractive offers and promos,” said Freddy Iman as chairman of the BCA MSME Fest 2022 committee.

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