SEMARANG – Regional Secretary of Central Java Province Sumarno, Sunday (28/8/2022) opened the Grand Maerakaca Fair (GMF) event with Deputy Mayor of Semarang Hevearita Gunaryanti and President Director of PT PRPP (Perseroda) Titah Listyorini. The GMF performance will last for nine days.

Regional Secretary Sumarno said that the GMF was a training event to welcome a bigger event in 2023, namely the Central Java Fair. The vacuum for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic, made the Central Java Fair event need to be better prepared and echoed again.

“Actually, this Grand Maerakaca Fair is an exercise. We are practicing, because we had two years of vacuum, we are heading for 2023, we will hold normal conditions like previous years, which are bigger,” he said in an interview. The Regional Secretary assessed that on the first day of the opening, quite a number of people had visited. It is hoped that the level of visits will be an indication of greater attractiveness when the Central Java Fair will be held on September 1-17, 2023.

“I saw that a lot of people had come. Hopefully later, I also ask my friends, later we will socialize with friends to be able to mobilize the community in the district/city. It is also possible for civil servants in the district/city to be present here, so that the echo is even more massive. And of course in the future it will be even more crowded in 2023,” he explained.

President Director of PRPP Titah Listyorini said, a total of 124 tenants joined the GMF event. Tenants include 18 regencies/cities, 10 Central Java Provincial Government OPDs, universities, MSMEs (fashion, craft, culinary), and hospitals belonging to the Central Java Provincial Government. In addition, she continued, there was a planting involving 400 new students at the Universitas Negeri Semarang (Unnes) Mangroves are planted in the area west of Grand Maerakaca.

Titah added, the concept carried in the Grand Maerakaca Fair is the same as the Central Java Fair concept, which is a combination of exhibition, recreation, and entertainment. The public will be entertained by the performances of national artists, including Abah Lala and Guyon Waton. (Central Java Public Relations)*ul

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Translator: Ritya Rasta Bilqiis

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