Five foreigners and team from Salatiga International School attended Bengok Craft Workshop near Rawa Pening
Credit: Personal Bengok Craft

As many as 5 students from the Salatiga International school were found participating in a series of Bengok Craft Workshops. This educational activity was held on Sunday, September 28, 2022 in the morning at Daringan Kesongo Culture, Salatiga. Apparently, the 5 participants were foreign nationals from various countries who were studying there.

As a form of curiosity about Indonesia’s wealth and potential, they explored the process of making the legendary water hyacinth craft in Rawa Pening, the center of the water hyacinth craft industry, considering the massive amount of water hyacinth there.

Together with their mentors and Bengok Craft, they were very enthusiastic to learn how to make this export-valued craft. Starting from walking along Rawa Pening to harvest water hyacinth using a wooden boat. The expressions of the students looked happy. After that, the students were also directed to dry the water hyacinth that had been harvested earlier. Before drying, the water hyacinth was first cleaned of dirt, mud and water that sticks, splitting the water hyacinth stem before finally drying it.

After that, the students were brought to Daringan Kesongo Culture to practice how to make crafts. The craft he made was a book, which was named Bengok Book.

Before making books, the students were also taught how to flatten water hyacinth that had been dried in the sun. The book that was still plain was then decorated by attaching a layer of water hyacinth that was flattened earlier to be glued on the book cover. The students looked very serious in making crafts. No doubt if their creations are perfect.

Students were enjoying traditional food from Indonesia at Daringan Kesongo Culture
Credit: Personal Bengok Craft

Not only learning the process of making water hyacinth crafts, the students also ate traditional Indonesian foods, namely steamed sweet potatoes and boiled corn. Of course, this food when eaten while looking at the expanse of rice fields, mountains, and swamps will feel even more delicious.

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