Final voting result of Berani Adu Ide
Credit: Instagram @beraniadaptasi

Previously, Bengok Craft participated in the “Berani Adu Idea” competition, a video competition for entrepreneurs to show their best work organized by Berani Adaptasi. The competition period is from July 12 to August 14, 2022. Participants are asked to make 90 seconds of their business pitch video reels with the following criteria: able to explain the product/service of the business being run, the uniqueness of the product/ service from similar products, the solutions offered through the product/service, as well as the reasons why the participant deserves to be an entrepreneur.

After going through the jury’s deliberation process, Bengok Craft made it through to the top 3 in the competition.

The competition did not stop there, Bengok Craft along with two other competitors, Anting Kayu and Three Anggoro again competed for the first place with a prize of 1 unit of Apple iPad. The technical implementation is by voting. Voters must choose the small business of their choice by buying a Super Package from Djarum worth 21,000. The voting period will be held on August 16-26, 2022.

The voting process is updated almost every day on the @beraniadaptasi Instagram account. After the voting ended, Bengok Craft was finally chosen as the second runner up in this competition by getting a prize of 2 million rupiah with sponsored products.

Although Bengok Craft has not been able to become the first winner, the owner of Bengok Craft Firman Setyaji he met in Tuntang (08/28) admitted that he was happy to participate in this competition because it added experience and relationships.

He is also optimistic to participate in various competitions and other events because it is one of the product branding.

“The more you participate in business events and competitions, the more your business branding will increase,” said Firman

For your information, Berani Adaptasi is an activation campaign of the Djarum Super Wave and Djarum Super Next brands using an Instagram account. BERANI Adaptasi provides inspiring content, holds giveaways, and various challenges to increase the number of followers. The content developed not only increases product sales but also brings the brand closer to consumers.

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