The look of super stylish hat by Bengok Craft
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Fashion products are inseparable in everyday life. Instead of being used as functional, fashion products are also starting to penetrate into aesthetic functions. For example, what is worn on the head, namely a hat. At first, hats were only used to protect the head and face from the sun. However, nowadays hats are also increasingly varied and are shifting to prioritize aesthetic values ​​as well.

The aesthetic value in the hat is important because it could definitely support the appearance. However, do you think that you may wear a hat that has both functional and aesthetic value? The answer is yes! Bengok Sport Hat could be an alternative fashion product to support your appearance! As the name suggests, this hat is perfect for outdoor sports such as golfing, jogging, tennis, and many more.

However, you may also wear this hat during non-formal events such as when hanging out with relatives, friends, or partners. This Benk Sport Hat has a semi-open design on the top. However, this hat could protect your face from sun exposure. The face is one area prone to premature aging due to sunlight.

This hat is very comfortable to wear, with a size of 20x20x10 cm, it fits perfectly with a typical head circumference. In addition, the material used is also very different from the hat in general. Not only using jeans material, this hat is also given a water hyacinth layer on the front.

Bengok Sport Hat is suitable for non-formal appearance

The dried water hyacinth is then woven in such a way and then attached to the hat, making it more ethnic but still stylish. The use of water hyacinth in this hat strongly supports sustainable development, especially in reducing waste.

By wearing this hat, you’ve participated to support a better environment and community development considering that this hat is made from the hands of the best craftsmen and from natural materials. Get Bengok Sport Hat now! Click for further information!

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