Do you think Bengok Craft only sells its water hyacinth crafts? Certainly not. Bengok Craft also provides collaboration as a place to grow together. We have provided various kinds of collaborations and are doing it. This of course can be your consideration in self-development or together in a group.

Collaboration by brandXbrand

Bengok Craft does not only produce their own crafts, they also often collaborate with other brands. Usually, the two sides between Bengok Craft and partners make a new breakthrough that neither of them have ever had. Of course, there are elements of the uniqueness of each of the two sides. For example, Bengok Craft is unique in its craft made of water hyacinth, so that natural colored water hyacinth elements become the identity of every product it made.The brands that have collaborated with Bengok Craft are very diverse, ranging from creative businesses, coffee shops, government organizations, the hotel industry, the tourism industry, and many more.

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Bengok Craft collaborated with Domku in making Bengok Book
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft
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Bengok Craft X Novotel Semarang in making Bengok Hampers Bag
Credit: instagram @bengokcraft
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Bengok Craft X Central Java Government in making Eid Hampers
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft
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Bengok Craft X Street Side Coffee in providing Apron for baristas
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

These tangible evidences may be your consideration in developing your business or strengthening your business branding.

Collaboration by research

In addition to collaborating with other brands, Bengok Craft is also open to anyone who wants to develop knowledge, including research. Bengok Craft has several times been involved in research activities, both individual and group research from several universities in Indonesia.

The research conducted is quite diverse. Considering that Bengok Craft is a people’s business based on community empowerment, the research conducted can be from an economic, social, cultural, or business perspective developed by Bengok Craft. Bengok Craft is very strategic and can be an alternative or your choice in research.

Collaboration by self-development

For students who want to do an internship, Bengok Craft can be your choice to develop yourself comprehensively from various fields. You may join the production team or the marketing team. For example, if you major in graphic design, environmental studies you can join the production team. Meanwhile, for those of you who are majoring in management, business, communication, and languages, you can join our marketing team. Not only that, for those of you who have IT skills, you can join us to develop our sites.

For your consideration, Bengok Craft is officially a corporate partner by the Indonesian Student Micro Credential (KMMI) by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Thus, this internship is official and can be your best choice in developing yourself such as soft skills and hard skills before reaching your career.

The collaboration above is a contribution of Bengok Craft’s concern for the wider community. For those of you who are interested in collaborating with us, please click for more information.

Bengok Craft. Turn Waste. To Save The Planet.

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