In commemorating the 77th Indonesian independence day, a number of regions were found to be lively by holding several activities, such as ceremonies, parades, carnivals, competitions, and so on. Including one of the districts in Central Java, namely Semarang Regency, which holds a carnival for all sub-districts in Semarang Regency on last Thursday, 18 August 2022.

A total of 47 groups from each sub-district were asked to decorate carnival cars with the theme of local and national wealth. The specifics are in the form of existing and developing arts. One of them is Bengok Craft, from Kesongo Village, who represents Tuntang District.

Bengok Craft carries the concept of guyub sengkuyung bringing local products to go international. The local product brought was the main material for his craft, namely water hyacinth. The water hyacinth that looks dried is then decorated in such a way around the car to make it look attractive. The arrangement is also in collaboration with @novendradeqi, one of the regional pioneer youths. He and other colleagues all day decorated the car with water hyacinth.

Bengok Craft is a representative of the Tuntang sub-district because this water hyacinth craft business has become part of the Tuntang sub-district icon. There are so many water hyacinth plants that grow around Rawa Pening. In addition, now water hyacinth has been used as a craft that has export value. Being a water hyacinth craftsman is also one of the main livelihoods for the local Tuntang community.

In the carnival activity, Bengok Craft along with other groups started the route at the Semarang district square. Then the group of the Semarang Regent’s Official House was seen and welcomed by the Semarang Regent, Ngesti Nugraha and the Head of the Semarang Regency Diskominfo, Wiwin Sulistyowati as the chairman of the activity committee.

It can be seen that the enthusiasm of the audience and participants of this carnival is tremendous.  This is because it has been 2 years since the independence anniversary carnival activity has been carried out in case of the rising covid 19 pandemic.

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