Astaria Eka Santi (left) and Firman Setyaji (right) were guiding the participants of training to create water hyacinth crafts
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

One of the visions of the governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, is to create a prosperous and independent Central Java. In its realization, several agencies submitted their work programs. One of them is the Central Java cooperative and UMKM service in making a training activity for handicraft businesses in Central Java. The training is productive business skills in the field of water hyacinth crafts.

This training involved 25 MSME activists in the handicraft sector from various regions such as Tegal, Blora, Pekalongan, Wonosobo, Semarang, Cilacap, Brebes, Pemalang, Karanganyar, and Demak.

These are those who have registered for training through the “Sipentol Balatkop UKM” application. As for the training, the relevant agencies invited Bengok Craft as a trainer in this activity. Bengok Craft is one of the businesses in the craft sector, especially water hyacinth, which was established in 2019 and has many target markets. Its varied water hyacinth crafts, which have more than one hundred types consisting of home-decor, accessories, and fashion, are able to penetrate the export market.

Participants were actively engaged in making bags
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

The activity, which was held at the cooperative training center, SMEs in Central Java province, from 8-12 August 2022, carried a series of training activities. Such as materials regarding handicraft raw materials, practice of making designs, and practices of making handicraft products. The focus of the material is the effectiveness of water hyacinth raw materials. Firman Setyaji and Astaria Eka Santi, the owners of Bengok Craft, also participated one after another in delivering materials and directions for making their crafts.

The purpose and objective of holding Productive Business Skills training in the field of Water Hyacinth Handicrafts is to improve the ability in aspects of knowledge and skills as well as work attitudes in making various kinds of raw materials into an attractive handicraft / handicraft product that has a selling value and calculates Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

Firman as the owner of Bengok Craft met him on Monday (08/08) said that the 5-day training is expected to be effective considering that the participants are people who are developing a craft business.

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