Bengok Craft’s best-selling products on July
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For those of you Bengok Craft customers, of course, you are already familiar with Bengok Craft products. Our products which have more than one hundred variants consist of home decor, accessories, fashion, and many more.

These many types of products are also expected to meet customer needs considering that customer preferences differ from one another. Even if you collect different product preferences, you will know which product is the most liked or become the best-selling product. 

This time, Bengok Craft will announce the top 3 best-selling products in the Shopee Bengok Craft catalogue. Here they are:

1. Bengok Slipper Selop

Still the same as before, Bengok Slipper has always been the number one preferred product in the marketplace. This product is not only affordable, but also resistant to all terrains, whether asphalt, rocks, or muddy. A combination of water hyacinth and a layer of rubber on the base makes this slipper product even more sturdy. 

The reason Bengok Slipper is popular with many people is because of its water resistance. When wet, the sandals are simply dried and ready to be used again. No need to worry, because these sandals are made from water hyacinth which is an aquatic plant. For the model itself, Bengok Slipper is very diverse, starting from the type of selopwiro, and ulir. For July, the Bengok Slipper type which is the best selling is Bengok Slipper Selop. This is because the design is simple and practical but still aesthetic when used, so this type is very popular with customers.

2. Bengok Case

Cellphone cases made of water hyacinth are the number two preference at Shopee. Indeed, this one casing looks classic and aesthetic for its users. Instead of being made of synthetic materials, this cellphone case is made of water hyacinth. Water hyacinth that has been dried in the sun is then split and flattened. Then it is woven in such a way that it becomes a casing. For those who still question the durability of this cellphone case, don’t worry because this cellphone casing not only uses a water hyacinth layer, but also a base casing made of rubber. Thus, strengthening the casing. For the casing variant, it is adjusted to the type of cellphone. Therefore, this one product is in great demand because it can be customized based on the type of cellphone.

3. Bengok K-Style Bag

This bag is indeed a trendsetter, especially for ladies. Inspired by Korean dramas, Bengok K-Style Bag adapts the typical style of this Korean bag, namely a bag with a square shape with additional straps or accessories made of neutral coloured fabrics such as white. Bengok Craft also combines it with water hyacinth to make this unique and aesthetic bag. Available with two types of woven, namely pallet and knitted woven, so customers may choose according to their preferences. 

Even though it uses a strap, it can be removed and used as a handbag. If it’s a bit difficult to carry by hand, the strap can be reattached so that the bag can be wrapped around your shoulder to become a sling bag.

How? Is there any of your favourite product on the above?

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