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Even though they are only micro, small and medium enterprises, MSMEs cannot be underestimated. The reason is, if successful, the products produced by MSMEs can “go international”. There is a lot of evidence that MSMEs have gone international. Therefore, as an MSME businessman, of course, you really hope that your products can reach abroad or “go international”. Since products that can be marketed to foreign countries will increase credibility and turnover. However, to be able to “go international”, an MSME actor must try and work diligently. In addition, in order to successfully penetrate the global market, there are some tips that you need to pay attention to and apply. Here are some tips that you must do to be able to make your MSME products “go international”.

Create Products That Have Strong Competitiveness

The first tip you can do so that your MSME products can “go international” is to create competitive products. As the market gets bigger, it automatically makes the level of competition tougher. Now due to the increasingly fierce competition in the global market, you inevitably have to make products that have strong competitiveness. Products that have strong competitiveness themselves are products that have all-round capabilities, including one of the things that counts the most is quality. Product quality will indeed be a kind of guarantee or guarantee to increase your chances of penetrating foreign markets. The higher the quality of the MSME products you produce, the greater your chances off being able to “go international”.

Ensure Adequate Capacity

Next, tips for MSME businessman who wants their products to “go international” are to create or ensure a qualified production capacity. In a sentence, to foreign countries, it takes a large amount. Because if you send in small quantities, of course, you or the buyer will experience a loss. Therefore, after you create a quality product, it’s time to increase your production capacity so that buyers don’t hesitate to order and bring your goods abroad.

Keep an eye on the market

In order for your MSME products to be accepted and welcomed by the market, you must carefully determine the right market. In abroad itself, there are several types of markets, namely the branded market for the high-end class in Europe and the low-end market in China and Vietnam. Now, for Indonesian MSME products, it is most appropriate to find a market in the middle. By placing yourself in the middle position, your MSME products will be more flexible and also more profitable.

Match your products with global trends

It is not only the domestic market that has a trend. But there are also market trends that you must know and understand, like the export market. By identifying market trends abroad, it will be easier for you to attract buyers since MSME products that are in line with trends receive more attention than those that are outdated. Therefore, remember to adapt your MSME products to current global trends.

Be unique and innovative

In addition to quality and in accordance with trends, MSME products that are able to “go international” usually have unique and innovative characteristics. Ordinary products will indeed be difficult for MSMEs to penetrate foreign markets. This is because if MSMEs do not present creativity, the products produced will be the same as those there. The same product and there is no difference will certainly make buyers reluctant to order. Thus, for MSME products to “go international”, you must be able to present the uniqueness and innovation to your product.

Practice International Business Communication

Finally, that your MSME products can “go international”, try to communicate well with the international community. Since you will be selling products to the international world, the language used is of course international or English. Thus, your MSME products can truly “go international” you must be able to speak good English. If indeed you are not fluent in English, study it, so that your business communication can help MSME products to “go international”.

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