Saya Salatiga UMKM Festival 2022 presents various SMEs as well as attractive events
Credit: Instagram @saya_salatiga

Saya Salatiga is an event presented by the Alumni Association of State High School 1 Salatiga (IKASMANSSA). In collaboration with the Salatiga city government and the Salatiga City DPRD, they are holding an MSME festival which held on 5-7 August 2022.

As the name suggests, this festival presents SMEs from Salatiga City and its surroundings. Many tenants are filled with various kinds of food and beverages, batik, handicrafts, and others.

Bengok Craft creations at UMKM Fest Saya Salatiga
Credit: Instagram story @bengokcraft

Like Bengok Craft, MSMEs from Semarang also participated in the MSME exhibition. Bengok Craft a craft-based business from water hyacinth also displays its creations. Seen here are some very charming creations such as bags, sandals, aprons, hats, bracelets, cellphone cases, and many more.

Firman Setyaji he met on Friday (08/05), said that his party was very enthusiastic to take part in this festival, especially by being able to introduce his village, namely Kesongo which has the potential of water hyacinth to be used as handicrafts, therefore Kesongo is expected to be known by the wider community as well. water hyacinth craft industry centre.

This MSME Festival also presents a series of interesting events for visitors. Every day for three days there are flash mobs, stand-up comedy, talk shows, and band performances filled with famous guest stars. Other events including a latte art competition, photo and short video competition, dancing competition, fashion show, and smart competition also enlivened this event. For a special performance, there is Jono Joni who is ready to entertain you.

This festival is open to the public, for those of you who want to visit the courtyard of the mayor’s office or the Salatiga parliament building from 9 am to 9 pm.

For those of you who want to access more information about Saya Salatiga or the UMKM Festival, you may visit Instagram @saya_salatiga

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