Bengok Slipper creations at Daringan Kesongo Culture

Various creations of Bengok Craft can indeed be found in many places such as tourist attractions in the city of Semarang such as the old city, Lawang Sewu, and others. For those of you who want to travel while shopping for Bengok Craft creations, you can also visit Daringan Kesongo Culture as an alternative of your choice. Why?

Daringan Kesongo Culture, which is located near the Saloka Theme Park and is open from 10 am to 6 pm, is a tourist spot that offers an amazing view, namely the expanse of rice fields and the swampy swamp that surrounds it. The surrounding area is very close to the creations of Bengok Craft because the manufacture of handicrafts is located around it. In fact, the raw materials for making handicrafts are taken from Rawa Pening. Bengok Craft is a well-known water hyacinth craft creation producer in Semarang Regency.

The name Daringan itself is not only a tourist spot but also a sign that visitors have entered the water hyacinth craft center area. While enjoying the special dishes at Daringan Kesongo Culture, you may enjoy views of rice fields and swamps. You are also able to take selfies with friends and family at the spots that have been created in Daringan Kesongo Culture.

Before you go home, make sure you buy the water hyacinth Bengok Craft creations that are available there at an affordable price. If you want to bring a lot of souvenirs, you can buy a Bengok bracelet. If you are an admirer of fashion, you can buy jackets, hats, bags, and sandals. For those of you who want to appear more in the kitchen, you can also buy apron creations from us. There are also many home decorations available, you can buy boxes or baskets that can be applied according to your creativity in decorating the house.

Of course, By purchasing our creation, you’ve participated to support a better environment and community development.

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