100 Stand UKM Ramaikan Festival UMKM Saya Salatiga
Sinoeng inaugurated the MSME Festival at the Salatiga City DPRD Courtyard, Friday (5/8/2022).
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TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SALATIGA – The Acting Mayor of Salatiga inaugurated the MSME Festival “I am Salatiga” organized by the Alumni Association of SMAN 1 Salatiga (Ikasmanssa).

The festival has one hundred MSME stands located in the Salatiga City DPRD Office Courtyard. The chairman of the MSME Festival committee, Pujo, expressed his gratitude to the Salatiga City Government for providing the participation space to welcome the 1272nd Anniversary of Salatiga.

“We have carried out various activities, starting from mass circumcision, providing electric tricycles, cleaning rivers, fasting yesterday, selling cheap basic food packages in 23 villages and now having the opportunity to hold an MSME festival,” said Pujo to Tribunjateng.com, Friday (5/8/2022).

He hopes that this activity does not just stop at this festival. “We hope it doesn’t stop here, but IKASMANSSA alumni continue to provide assistance and guidance to MSMEs in need,” he explained.

“And given a place to hold similar events that accommodate more MSMEs,” he said.

Pujo admitted that initially the MSME Festival would be held on roads in Salatiga City.

“Initially, the MSME festival was planned to be held on the road, but fearing it would disrupt community activities was finally held here,” he explained.

“I think this event is extraordinary because alumni of SMAN 1 Salatiga can accommodate MSMEs including artists and I participate in enlivening the work related to paintings of the old Salatiga ambience,” said Isworo.

Sinoeng resmikan Festival UMKM di Halaman DPRD Kota Salatiga, Jumat (5/8/2022).
Sinoeng inaugurated the MSME Festival at the Salatiga City DPRD Courtyard, Friday (5/8/2022). (Tribunjateng.com/Humas Salatiga City Government)

At this festival, Isworo exhibited several of his works with the theme of Salatiga. “This time I brought 18 paintings, with the theme of Salatiga in the past, there were 10 paintings,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Acting Mayor of Salatiga, Sinoeng N Rachmadi, appreciated the initiative of this MSME festival activity.

“I give an opportunity to all parties who will participate in building Salatiga,” said Sinoeng.

“Come now, not tomorrow. Congratulations to Salatiga and congratulations to IKASMANSSA and congratulations on the implementation of the UMKM festival,” he added. (*)

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