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Citayam Fashion Week (CFW) phenomenon near Dukuh Atas Station

Social media is indeed being surprised by the Citayam Fashion Week (CFW) phenomenon. Lots of young people hanging out around Dukuh Atas Station, Sudirman, South Jakarta. The young people are believed to be from Sudirman, Citayam, Bojonggede, and Depok. Therefore, they are often identified as SCBD teens.

At first, this CFW was only a place to hang out for them because it was an open place for the public. As time goes by, a lot of people talk about it, making the location get more and more crowded. This is because, at CFW, there are a lot of teens who hold an impromptu fashion show at the zebra cross around Dukuh Atas.

They occasionally waddle when the red light comes on. They also appear with their unique and quirky fashion. In fact, the fashion they wear doesn’t have to be expensive. With local brands, their appearance is able to captivate the audience. The recent CFW phenomenon has not only occurred in Jakarta, but also in several other cities such as Semarang and Surabaya.

For those of you who are interested and want to be the centre of attention, of course, you can also look like a fashionista like the teens at CFW.

Like one of the fashion references from Bengok Craft on these ones! Keep using local brands, but some differences may attract you when appearing in public.

Level-up your fashion with Bengok Craft creations, improve your self-confidence!

Certainly, the fashion concept carried by Bengok Craft is different from the others. Instead of using jeans, sweaters, and contemporary fashion products, this reference uses natural materials, namely water hyacinth as a fashion product. Looks like the handsome guy above wearing a combination of batik with water hyacinth as his fashion product.

Starting from the top, you can see a water hyacinth cowboy hat, this product is called Bengok Hat. With full woven water hyacinth, it certainly attracts the attention of the audience. Followed by the clothing section, both clothes and pants are made from a combination of satin fabric, batik cloth, and woven water hyacinth which are combined into one.

With the same tone and calm, making it match when sewn. The batik parts are placed on some of the arms and chest, while the water hyacinth surrounds the batik on the chest. Meanwhile, in the pants, it can be seen that the batik is located on the side of the pants vertically. Along with the jogger pants model, it keeps it modern yet ethnically impressive.

At the bottom, you may see creative sandals because the sandals are also made of water hyacinth, the name is Bengok Slipper. These sandals are still comfortable to wear because they also use a rubber layer on the base. These sandals are also water resistant considering that water hyacinth comes from aquatic plants.

Last but not least, this guy also uses a very unique bag because he combines jeans material with water hyacinth webbing. This bag is called Bengok Totebag. Although these two materials are contradictory, in fact when combined are very harmonious too.

For those of you who want to level up your fashion, you can wear products from Bengok Craft. With affordable prices, you can have environmentally friendly products. Have it now! Order at

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