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Loyal readers of this website certainly know about Bengok Craft. Bengok Craft as a people-based business with community empowerment has an eco-friendly concept where it makes crafts made from nature, namely water hyacinth. The crafts he makes are very interesting and innovative and follow current trends. As for the handicraft products, such as sandals, books, hats, aprons, bags, and many more, considering the products he has created are more than a hundred types.

Established in 2019, Bengok Craft has certainly experienced significant developments, such as participating in collaborations between fashion brands and others. As of August 2022, Bengok Craft collaborated with Arlenne Official. Arlenne is one of the most popular local bridal shoe brands today. Inspired by the limited choice of brides-to-be in choosing the wedding shoes they want to wear on their big day, Arlenne creates a variety of bridal shoes with premium materials. Arlenne has three advantages, namely using a soft inner layer, premium sponge, and custom engraving.

Having similarities with Bengok Craft, Arlenne Official also uses local artisans in their creations, so their creations are called homemade.

The collaboration between the two brands is in the form of an arlenne shoe box. Every purchase of bridal shoes will get a shoe box made of water hyacinth material. Indeed, more and more captivating the hearts of customers, isn’t it?

The preview of Bengok Craft x Arlenne Official collaboration
Credit: Whatsapp

With elegant bridal shoes packaged in a brownish box, the water hyacinth layer that covers this shoe box adds aesthetic value and of course, this box can be reused.

For those of you who are getting married, these bridal shoes from Arlenne are also very suitable as a gift. Not only the product is fascinating, yet also the box is unique. Otherwise, for those who want to give a wedding, birthday, or anniversary gift, these Arlenne shoes with a collaboration box can also be your consideration. Arlenne shoes are also suitable for yourself on various occasions. Although wedding shoes, but also applicable to formal and non-formal events. What are you waiting for? Immediately have Arlenne Official with an exclusive box collaboration with Bengok Craft. Limited period and stock, don’t miss it!

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