As explained in the previous article, Bengok Craft discusses tips that can be applied in rustic decorations. Haven’t read before? Click here.

Here, Bengok Craft gonna tell you about the other three tips. What are they?

3. Application of Unique Ethnic Furniture

tips dekorasi rustic
Credit: The Budget Decorator

The next tip in rustic decorating at home is the application of unique ethnic furniture designs. Used items can also be used as useful furniture when placed in the best corner of the room. Such as the use of crates that are used as storage areas, pieces of wood that can also be used as tables and chairs as in the example above and the lamps that can be found in flea markets. This will add interesting details in the rustic elements in the house.

The fresh rustic atmosphere highlighted by the natural colors on the walls will make your ethnic furniture the center of attention. Try to do and innovate in new things. Don’t be limited to ideas that other people have tried. Wooden boxes can also be made into classic seats that can decorate the living room, you know! Are you sure there are no more interesting ideas that can make your rustic home different from the others?

4. Mix and Match Space Theme

Credit: Apartment Therapy

Well, if you feel bored with the application of rustic decorations at home, you can mix and match with other themes. Boho and rustic for example, the room will look more lively and of course lively with the presence of fabrics that adorn the living room, or dry leaves that can be used as displays. This one idea can make your monotonous space more alive.

However, if you want a modern look, you can also mix and match Scandinavian with rustic so that the bedroom is more modern. The trick is to put forward the coloring of the room and white furniture, with rustic wood details on the walls or ceiling at home. The end result will surely spoil the eyes.

5. Selection of Natural Colors in Rustic Decoration at Home

Prioritizing the selection of natural nuances is indeed a hallmark of rustic design. Rustic decorations at home will stand out more with natural color spaces that dominate. Examples such as white, light brown, wood colors and soft natural colors can also create their own comfort in a rustic-style home design. Add a few ornamental plants as additional decorations, or artistic paintings that tend to present a calming look. This will make your and your family’s rustic room comfortable. The most important thing is to keep highlighting the rough elements in the room so that the desired rustic design does not sink together with other elements in the space.

Besides that, you can also add unique and aesthetic natural home-decor, such as the creations of Bengok Craft. This water hyacinth craft producer makes home-decor creations that are very pleasing to the eye. In addition, the design also follows the current trend so that it doesn’t look old. Like the example above, a house with a modern interior design can also be filled with ethnic furniture, so that it seems transitional.

Those are 5 simple tips on how to apply rustic decorations at home. Correctly understand the most essential elements in rustic design so that you may explore on your own.

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