Comfort in housing is a top priority as an element of creating a place to live. No wonder many residents put forward simplicity in residential design to create a homey home atmosphere. The rustic design is here as a savior for a simple home to make it look more attractive. Natural, rustic and back to nature impressions are the main points in rustic decorating tips at home.

Have you ever seen the application of rustic design in housing? Although it is always associated with the characteristics of wood in ancient buildings, rustic can also be made modern with the right layout of furniture and materials. This architectural style from the United States puts forward a rough texture on a material that can be said to be without finishing.

Tips for Easily Applying Rustic Decorations at Home

What is the implementation like? Here Bengok Craft will share 5 simple tips for implementing rustic decorations at home.

1. Use Typical Wood Materials

tips dekorasi rustic
Credit: Elle Decor

In the application of rustic decoration at home, it takes a thick element that is always attached, namely wood. Wood is the superior material in the application of this one design. Try using it on some furniture, walls, floors or wooden partitions in the living room. If you don’t like the rustic style that tends to make the room dark, you don’t need to use all the wood elements in the house. You may adapt modern designs inside.

White wood will also look attractive when affixed to the wall with a unique combination of a wooden table with a rough wood color, or a wooden wall that is intentionally placed in a bedroom with a monochrome theme as above. The appearance of the room still looks modern but puts forward a rustic design in it. Remember to always choose wood that has a rough texture or has visible fibers, so that your rustic room is more perfect.

2. Try to Accentuate Textures in Space

Credit: Houzz

The addition of texture to rustic-style house materials is one thing that cannot be forgotten. The texture actually makes the room look more attractive and has a rustic feel. Walls with natural stone, for example, can make a natural space and seem natural. The use of natural stone materials in a rustic house will be more valuable when placed in the middle of the room. Look at the example in the fireplace above, it makes the room warmer, right?

You may also use other textures in the room, such as in decorations. Starting from carpets, shelves or baskets, displays, and much more. However, if you are not interested in excessive decorations in the space, you can use pillars on the ceiling which are dominated by large wood fibers. This will make the ambience of the room automatically return to the past. Interested in trying it?

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