Bengok Wallet, a creation from Bengok Craft
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A wallet is a place for storing identity items and transactions such as ID cards, driving licenses, ATM cards, and money. Given the urgency, the wallet is an essential item and must be safe considering its contents. Wallets are, therefore, functional items. However, along with the times, wallets are no longer only functional but also put forward aesthetic values.

Currently, many kinds of wallets are on the market with various models, sizes, colours, and materials. For sizes, there are wallets in small, medium, to large sizes. For colours, there are a variety of colours ranging from light and dark to combinations. The models also vary from semi-open wallets (cardholders) and long wallets to folding wallets. All three have their respective functions. For example, a semi-open wallet (card holder) is used to place more cards. A long wallet holds more money with cards.

In contrast, the folding wallet is a compact version of the long wallet. For the material, most wallets are made of plastic or leather. However, have you ever thought there are wallets made of a combination of denim and water hyacinth? At first glance, it sounds odd. How could denim with water hyacinth become a wallet? Yes, of course, you can like one of the products from Bengok Craft on this one, Bengok Wallet.

Bengok wallet is a type of long premium wallet made of a layer of denim fabric around it. In the middle, given a touch of woven water hyacinth in the form of a square. Besides it, some stitches make the wallet neat. In addition to premium materials, this wallet still uses human power in its manufacture, making it look more exclusive.

In accordance with its type, namely a long wallet, this Bengok Wallet has a size of 20x10x3cm which contains several card slots and several money slots that can include more. So, you don’t have to worry about scattered contents because they can be grasped through a wallet. For the denim colour, there are three choices: blue, navy, and black, which can be adjusted to your preferences. So what are you waiting for? Grab your own Bengok Wallet, and don’t miss it! Click for more info!

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