Mang Peppy (left) along with Firman Setyaji as the owner of Bengok Craft (right)
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

Indonesians must be familiar with Mang Peppy. This comedian and host often appear on television to entertain the viewers. However, have you ever thought that Mang Peppy went to Rawa Pening?

Indeed, unlike usual, this time Mang Peppy was in Rawa Pening with Bengok Craft in the context of shooting Lapak Ganjar’s youtube. This shooting was held on July 13, 2022, with Mang Peppy himself, the owner of Bengok Craft, fishermen, craftsmen, and Lapak Ganjar’s crew. Lapak Ganjar is a social media channel that contains trade shows for SMEs from Central Java. Lapak Ganjar channel, owned by Ganjar Pranowo the governor of Central Java Province, has been promoting MSMEs in Central Java for years. In fact, they often promote SMEs outside Central Java on their Instagram social media.

Why the agenda of shooting this time with Bengok Craft? Bengok Craft was chosen as Ganjar’s MSME of choice to be covered on behalf of the third edition with the theme of merchandise and crafts. Mang Peppy as the host invites the viewers to see the beauty of Rawa Pening in Semarang Regency. In addition, behind the beauty, there is also extraordinary potential behind it. Namely the use of water hyacinth as useful goods. Instead of being a weed, Mang Peppy explained that water hyacinth can be a useful craft and has high selling power.

Therefore, Mang Peppy invites viewers to also see the process of making handicrafts, from harvesting water hyacinths with fishermen, drying water hyacinths, to making water hyacinths with highly skilled craftsmen. Accompanied by Firman Setyaji as the owner of Bengok Craft, Mang Peppy also had the opportunity to practice directly making water hyacinth crafts.

Of course, Mang Peppy’s experience was unique and different considering that this was the first time he had explored the potential beauty of Rawa Pening for himself, let alone being able to interact with the local community to find out more about the water hyacinth craft produced.

For those of you who are looking forward to this show, make sure you subscribe to Ganjar’s YouTube channel and wait for the Rawa Pening special edition to be published.

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