The agenda held by Bank Indonesia Central Java Representative Office along with Bengok Craft and Sahitya Group
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

Bank Indonesia is indeed promoting a program with MSMEs in order to help the community’s economy during a pandemic like the current one. After successfully organizing Gayeng SG, where curated MSME products were brought to Singapore and marketed, the Bank Indonesia Central Java Representative Office held a subsistence group-based Inclusive Economic and Financial Development program this time.

This program collaborates with Bengok Craft as the MSME involved and the Sahitya Group, an active community that focuses on improving the skills of the people around Rawa Pening to be competitive. Bank Indonesia is present as a bridge for youth through MSMEs and communities to have synergy in realizing tourism based on local wisdom.

Taking place at Daringan Kesongo Village, the program held on July 10, 2022, was in the form of a sharing session regarding the potential for local wisdom tourism by utilizing superior local products to be used as tourism for the community. This is part of the creative economy promoted by Sandiaga Uno as the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, where tourism is made as attractive as possible and different from ordinary tourism.

As explained by Firman Setyaji at the event, Bengok Craft had implemented it through educational tours, such as holding a tour package titled the Bengok Craft workshop, where tourists could learn about the ins and outs of Rawa Pening, such as people’s habits to harvest water hyacinth to become a craft. The tourists are also free to explore around Rawa Pening and have the opportunity to practice directly making handicrafts which are the foundation of the Kesongo Village’s economy.

At the event, the Sahitya Group, Bengok Craft, as well as representatives of Bank Indonesia also had the opportunity to practice directly screen printing the typical t-shirts of Kesongo village, which can be an attraction for tourists when visiting the creative village.

Also, representatives of Bank Indonesia Central Java Representative Office gave the importance of inclusive finance for tourism sustainability based on local wisdom to Bengok Craft and the Sahitya Group.

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