For those of you comic lovers, you must be familiar with Mak Irits. Mak Irits is a comic book title as well as a fictional character of a woman who lives with her family. This comic was founded in 2014 and is based in Semarang Regency. Of course, this comic is already quite popular in Indonesia by presenting exciting stories that are very relevant to today’s life. Sometimes this comic also shows a humorous side that makes readers laugh.

However, often these comics are also very educative because they give a message to the readers. Talking about education, this time, Mak Irits collaborated with Bengok Craft, which is a craft business from the same region as Mak Irits, namely Semarang Regency.

This collaboration features a piece of a story that shows Mak Irits and her family going on vacation to take a boat in Rawa Pening. However, because Rawa Pening is covered by water hyacinth, a local resident wearing a water hyacinth hat and apron said that the lake was cleaned first. In addition to blocking boats, water hyacinth is also harmful to the environment because it releases substances that can poison the swamp water ecosystem.

Exclusive product of Mak Irits X Bengok Craft

Mak Irits’ family then asked whether the water hyacinth should be thrown away? Of course not, the local resident said that these plants can be transformed into various crafts. The result is like the Bengok Craft x Mak Irits collaboration craft in the form of a bag, for example. This tote bag contains woven water hyacinth and a screen printing of the Mak Irits character on the front. For other materials, Bengok Craft also uses jeans fabric so that it looks stylish, especially when used by young people.

The message of the story indicates that useless goods such as weeds can be processed in such a way as to be useful goods. In addition, using environmentally friendly goods, of course, makes the earth safer. For those of you loyal fans of Mak Irits, get this collaboration bag exclusively because the stock is limited. By purchasing our creation, you have participated to support a better environment and community development. Grab your favourite product right now! Don’t miss it!

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