A house has certain rooms where you do activities. One of them is the kitchen which is your favourite place to be creative in making dishes through cooking. The kitchen’s ambience is sometimes a determining factor in the cooking mood. When your kitchen is attractive because it is clean, complete, and neat, it certainly makes you feel at home for a long time in the kitchen.

Therefore, you have to keep the kitchen as it should be. Frequently, you also add knick-knacks or decorations to decorate your kitchen to make it more pleasing to the eye. Adding home-decor products to your kitchen can be an alternative. What are the examples?

1. Placemat

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A placemat is a small mat underneath a person’s dining plate, used to protect the table from the heat of the plate and food. This thing is usually placed on the dining table. Actually, this item is optional but essential enough to avoid spilling food or drinks on the dining table. Placemats today vary widely in materials. Some are made of cloth, plastic, and even natural materials such as wood and water hyacinth. Although at first placemats were used only functionally, now they can also be used from a decorative point of view, namely to beautify the appearance of the dining table in your kitchen. The choice of design and colour of the placemat can be adjusted to the interior design of your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen has a modern interior design, you could add a placemat with a contemporary feel, but you can also apply an ethnic placemat. With these variations, make your kitchen design transitional.

2. Pot/Basket

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Who says pots or baskets can only be filled with plants?

Nowadays, many crafts such as pots and baskets are used functionally and decoratively to decorate your kitchen. Pots and baskets can be placed in the kitchen window for various uses according to your creativity. Such as putting food ingredients or kitchen utensils can be the best alternative for you in decorating the kitchen. Although many classic baskets nowadays are made of plastic, if you want to show it more aesthetically, you could consider unique pots/baskets such as natural materials. Besides being environmentally friendly, of course, it is more pleasing to the eye. Also, usually, natural materials are more friendly to foodstuffs than plastic. So, it’s safer, of course.

3. Apron

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Aprons also cannot be separated from the kitchen, considering using an apron is very important to protect your clothes from splashes of oil, liquid, or food when you cook.

The current apron available in the market varies from classic to colourful. In addition, the size differs significantly from children to adults. The apron is not only used for functionality but can also be used to decorate your kitchen. You could place a clean apron on your kitchen wall to decorate your kitchen. Especially if the apron has characteristics that other aprons do not have. When looking at the kitchen, the eye will definitely be on this unique thing.

4. Tray

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A tray is a flat, shallow container with a raised rim, typically used to carry food and drink or hold small items or loose material. Thus, the tray is similar to a basket/pot to accommodate/put things. The difference between a basket/pot is from its shape because it is flat, so the capacity is not as much as a pot/basket. And also, the tray design is usually more solid/tight than the basket with a cavity. For use in the kitchen, the tray is generally used to put glasses, cups, and other kitchen utensils. This one object is usually found in the kitchen. Therefore you could consider this object as part of the decoration that can enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

5. Tissue Box

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Tissue does seem to be often found in the kitchen. To keep your kitchen clean, you need paper towels. Or, tissue is also placed on the dining table, which is used between eating or finishing eating. So that the tissue is not scattered, it is usually placed in a box container or what is often called a tissue box. By putting it, you could fill and move the tissue more easily.

Tissue boxes on the market are diverse, ranging in shapes, sizes, materials, and various colours. Tissue boxes could be a home decor product if you apply them with colours/materials that are in harmony with other kitchen furniture. If you could use it properly, it will make your kitchen look more aesthetic.

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