Our customer purchased our creations in SoloKeren UMKM booth
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For those of you solo residents, most of you must have known about the routine events organized by Solopos, a daily newspaper from Solo, Central Java. This event is called SoloKeren #2 which was held on Sunday, June 26, 2022. The agenda which was held at the Edutorium of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta carried out an important theme, namely Millennials with Technology Literacy.

Not an ordinary event, this event was an interactive talk show that presented well-known speakers, such as Aris Munandar, the CEO of Nano Tech Corporation. Also presented the Chief of UNS Fintec Center Prof. Irwan Trinugroho. In addition, from the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS), Dimas Yuliharto as secretary was also present. Several speakers conveyed the importance of technology in the current era, where almost all activities use a digitalization system. Including Dimas Yuliharto, urged the millennial generation not to worry about saving in a bank since it has been guaranteed by the LPS and the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Not only phenomenal speakers, this event also presented the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Mayor of Surakarta, although in the form of video tapping. In order not to seem monotonous, this event also presented an attractive entertainment stage for visitors such as music parades, games and cool stars. Guyon Waton and Sukir Genk also enlivened this event.

What is unique about this event is that visitors can also visit the UMKM stands which consist of food and crafts. Also attending were Bengok Craft, one of the water hyacinth handicraft businesses from Semarang Regency. The handicrafts produced are extraordinary, not only reaching the local market, but also the export market. The handicrafts produced are very varied, ranging from accessories, home-decor, to fashion products. The presence of Bengok Craft at SoloKeren is also expected to be an inspiration for the millennial generation to build a business.

Firman Setyaji, as the owner of Bengok Craft, said that Bengok Craft always fully supports useful programs such as this talk show. In addition, he also mentioned that this was not the first outdoor event for Bengok Craft.

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