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Bengok Slingbag

Bengok Bag is one of the fashion products from Bengok Craft. This product is different from other bags because the material of this bag is made from natural material, particularly water hyacinth. Bags made of water hyacinth of course cannot be washed the same as bags made of cloth, leather, or synthetic materials. Thus, it requires different treatment from other bags. However, treating of water hyacinth bags is relatively easy. Like what? Here are the tips that may useful for you:

  1. Cleaning this type of bag could also use a vacuum cleaner, blower, or cold hairdryer to lift the dust attached to the bag.
  2. You may also use a small brush or cotton bud to remove dirt stuck between the hard-to-reach webbing.
  3. Dry it immediately and hang it in the shade if the bag gets wet.
  4. And to dry, it is not recommended to dry directly in the sun because it will make it fade quickly.
  5. Then, to keep your bag in shape, store it in a box or cloth wrapper (dustbag) or pouch bag to keep it clean and not get caught or scratched by sharp objects.
  6. In addition, you can also insert a lump of paper or old newspaper as a buffer so that the shape is maintained or not dented.

Those are tips on caring for water hyacinth bags that can make them last longer. Make sure you know how to treat the bag wisely.

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