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Bengok Craft is one of the remarkable water hyacinth handicraft businesses in Semarang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. This business creates hundreds of unique handicraft products ranging from fashion, accessories, to home decor products. There are more exciting things from Bengok Craft that you should know. The things below make you even more sure why Bengok Craft products must be on your wishlist:

1. Eco-Friendly

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Bengok Slipper

As we all know, waste is the biggest problem on earth that can damage ecosystems and trigger global warming, one of which is the massive use of plastics. To reduce plastic waste, of course, we must use environmentally friendly products, one of which is the product from Bengok Craft. This business, located in Semarang Regency, employs water hyacinth as the fundamental material, transformed into various crafts, including bags, sandals, cellphone cases, boxes, and others. Absolutely, by adopting products from Bengok Craft, you are participating in protecting the environment around us because the fundamental material of water hyacinth itself is environmentally friendly and is easy to decompose.

2. Affordable Price

Bengok Craft provides a variety of crafts and fashion from water hyacinth at affordable prices, starting from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. This, of course, gives you a choice about the product you want to buy and can be adjusted to your budget.

3. High Quality

Although Bengok Craft offers an affordable price, the quality is unquestionable. Various crafts and fashions are made by the skilled hands of local artisans native to around Rawa Pening. In addition, Bengok Craft also has high competitiveness. Its products have penetrated into export markets like Singapore, Italy, UAE, and others.

4. Community empowerment-based business

By purchasing Bengok Craft’s creations, you are not only participating in protecting the environment, but you are also participating in empowering the people of Kesongo Village, Tuntang District, Semarang Regency. As is well known, Bengok Craft is a people’s business engaged in the creative business through processing water hyacinth weeds into more valuable things such as handicrafts, fashion, and others.

5. Support Local Products

Another reason why Bengok Craft deserves to be included in your wishlist is that by purchasing these water hyacinth craft creations, you are helping to support local Small Medium Enterprise (SME) products, such as improving the welfare of local communities and boosting economic growth in Indonesia.

Currently, local products can compete with foreign products in terms of quality. If there are quality local products, why not? #ProudLocalProducts

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