A pillow originally had a functional side that was used as a property for sleeping. However, along with development, a pillow does not only have a functional side but also a decorative side. Pillows are used for people to decorate the rooms in their homes.

Bengok Craft as a water hyacinth craft business also follows market demand where decorative pillows are now starting to become a new trend in society. For example, Bengok Craft produces a pillow called Bengok Pillow. This pillow is different from other pillows, instead of using cloth as a cover, Bengok Pillow uses water hyacinth material on the front and the back is also covered with jute cloth that matches or approaches the color with water hyacinth.

While the inside contains dacron so that the pillow feels softer and more comfortable when used. Water hyacinth which is applied as a pillowcase must undergo a process in such a way to remain comfortable. Water hyacinth that has been harvested is then dried first. After that, the water hyacinth is split and flattened using a machine that is still semi-traditional. Next, the flattened water hyacinth is then woven using the box weave technique. To combine the front and back, sew it first until it becomes a Bengok Pillow. In addition, Bengok Pillow is also equipped with a zipper, making it easier for the treatment.

Since Bengok Pillow is one of the home-decor products, it is very suitable to decorate rooms in the house, such as in the living room. You may place Bengok Pillow on a chair or sofa. Although this decoration seems ethnic because it is made of natural materials, it could also be applied at home with a modern interior design. Bengok Pillow is available in two sizes, namely square and rectangular. The square size is 40x40cm, while the rectangular one is 50x30cm. The price is also still affordable and ready for delivery throughout Indonesia. In fact, Firman setyaji as the owner of Bengok Craft wants to market this home decor product to the United States, where home-decor products are in great demand there.

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