Interior design is an important thing you must pay attention to in terms of the comfort and beauty of your dwelling. Are you moving house or need a redesign to make you feel more comfortable? It all depends on your style preferences, from luxurious to simple interior designs. Come on, take a look at the best interior design styles for your home inspiration below


Desain interior
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The scandinavian interior design originates from Scandinavian countries, including Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Norway, and merges into one unique and distinctive interior design style. This interior design is believed to have developed because of the environmental cycle in the area, which feels dreary – very cold, especially during the long winter season, so there is little light, so the residents need a place in the house that feels spacious, bright, and comfortable. Therefore, there are two things to consider: the colour and the furniture. To appear broad and bright, the colours chosen are also bright, such as white, grey, and light brown. Meanwhile, to make it seem comfortable, usually, the furniture has simple characteristics and doesn’t have too many details. Even if there are motifs, they typically use common motifs such as geometric motifs.


Desain interior
Credit: Impressive Interior Design / Shelterness

Industrial interior design is a design that is popular today even though the elements used are inspired from the 20th century, such as the use of red brick, metal, and wood. This design looks like a warehouse or factory, so industrial interior design displays rough elements and seems incomplete. Perhaps for some people, it seems untidy because this design looks like it doesn’t go through a finishing process. However, it is precisely the peculiarity of this design that makes it have its own charm.


Desain interior
Credit: Bohemian Room Decor / YouTube

Bohemian, often called Boho, is an interior design with one characteristic of traditional interior design, namely the use of natural materials. In this design, many plants are displayed in the house as part of the uniqueness of Boho. The thing that distinguishes traditional interior design is that Bohemian interior design uses colours that collide and are so bright, coupled with geometric motifs instead of harmonious colours. Usually applied to fabrics such as those used for carpets, tablecloths, sofas, and so on. Therefore, the use of fabric in this design is so highlighted. Show your eccentric identity by using this interior design style in your home to reflect an indifferent and free lifestyle. Suitable for those of you who feel creative and have the spirit to do everything yourself or like to recycle!


Desain interior
Credit: Pinterest / Home Deco

Modern interior design refers to the period between the beginning and the middle of the 20th century. It was the culmination of the art and design created by Scandinavian and German designs, creating a distinctive style focused on function and simple cuts. From this period was born the modern term medieval (which developed in the 50s and 60s). Therefore, this design is very similar to Scandinavian. Modern interior design is a contemporary trend style with the characteristics of a room that does not use much decoration to decorate the room look neat and clean. The use of natural materials combined with metal materials is applied as the characteristics of this design. The space is open with large windows, using neutral colours such as white, black, and brown for the room’s primary colour. In this design, there is no natural material to support it. Furniture and supporting equipment generally animate “new” materials such as moulded plastic, plywood, etc.

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