In the previous article, the interior design has already explained. Haven’t you read it? Click here. Here are the other kind of interior design that could be your consideration!


Desain interior
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Transitional interior design combines modern/contemporary interior design with traditional interior design. This interior design style is perfect for those of you who want a relaxed and elegant traditional style, but with a contemporary look. One of the things considered in this interior design is the use of colour. It is possible to combine furniture with modern and traditional themes with neutral and warm colours. The furniture used can be from conventional designs with adjustments to the latest models. The transitional design is suitable for houses of large size because incorporating this design is more leverage.

Art Deco

Desain interior
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Art deco was an interior design introduced in the late 19th to 20th centuries. This style later developed into a popular design style at that time, especially in Western Europe and the United States. Modern, luxurious and elegant characteristics are synonymous with the art deco style design and architecture. In art deco, designs that often appear use contrasting and symmetrical shapes and colours but still maintain an elegant impression. Generally, also use a combination of bright colours and have luxurious elements such as black and gold. In addition, other colours such as green or blue could also be applied, thus giving a unique touch that appreciates luxury, life, and nature. You may use decorations such as paintings and lamps with unique and eccentric shapes.


Desain interior
Impressive Interior Design / Adorable Home

Traditional interior design is indeed not the place to show modern furniture such as iron material. Instead, the furniture used still carries the “back to nature” concept, namely, the materials used in this design using natural materials such as wood and dried plants. It seems far from luxurious. Indeed this design looks old-fashioned. Therefore, the ambience in it is very relaxed. The choice of colour is also considered. Traditional interior design usually uses soft or soft colours, although dark colour schemes are often used. The furniture in this design also carries an ethnic concept where natural materials are still preserved.

Those are 7 (seven) interior designs that can be your consideration before choosing a residence. Which one are you interested in?

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