Knitting technique applied in Bengok K-Style Bag
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

The previous article discussed two weaving techniques Bengok Craft applied in its craft making. Haven’t read it yet? Click here. Apparently, Bengok Craft not only uses weaving techniques but also techniques that may rarely be found in the manufacture of water hyacinth crafts because they are not commonly applied to materials derived from plants.

Indeed! This technique is called the knitting technique. This one technique may often be applied in yarn materials. Usually, knitting techniques from threads produce sweaters, socks, bags, and scarves. But who would have thought Bengok Craft could use this unusual technique to create exciting water hyacinth crafts.

The knitting technique is rarely used in water hyacinth instead of yarn because of its flexibility. The flexibility in the thread makes it easy to knit with a needle. On the other hand, water hyacinth, which has a slightly rough and rugged texture, is quite challenging to apply using knitting techniques.

Bengok Craft uses knitting techniques in certain products, such as its fashion products, namely Bengok Hat and Bengok K-style Bag.

Bengok Hat that uses this technique is a hat with a rounded crown and a stiff bill projecting in front. In addition, there are also hats with a soft brim and indented crowns. It is typically creased lengthwise down the height and “pinched” near the front on both sides.

The Bengok K-Style Bag is a bag with the current Korean-style trend; the type is a Sling bag. In addition, it uses a white cloth strap as its uniqueness. Most importantly, this bag uses a knitting technique that adds to its attractiveness and sturdiness.

Grab your water hyacinth creations with knitting techniques right away! Don’t let them run out! Click for more information!

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