Bengok Craft is well-known for its water hyacinth crafts. This people’s business originating from the Semarang district produces more than 100 various kinds of handicrafts. His creations are also divided into several types, from home decor and accessories to fashion. Undoubtedly, the creations have penetrated the export market, such as Singapore, Italy, Japan, and even the United Arab Emirates. Behind its success, there must be the skilled hands of the craftsmen. In making crafts, craftsmen use specific techniques, such as weaving techniques. What weaving techniques are used by Bengok Craft?

1.          Square weaving technique

Square weaving technique in Bengok Sport Hat
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

This square woven technique is a technique commonly found in crafts such as in the manufacture of hand fans. This technique is applied by splitting water hyacinth crafts before being flattened with a special tool. Of course, the water hyacinth had been dried before it turned brown. After that, the craftsman will begin to weave it in a weed position between the flat water hyacinths and one another until it looks like a square. This technique is usually found in accessories such as Bengok Case and Bengok Wallet. In addition, it is also often found in fashion products such as Bengok Slipper, Bengok Tote Bag, Bengok Slim Bag, Bengok Waist Bag, Bengok Jacket, Bengok Shirt, Bengok Sport Hat, and Bengok Songkok. Not only that, this technique is also found in home decor products, although not as many as Bengok Tissue Boxes.

2.          Pallet weaving technique

Pallet weaving technique in Bengok K-Style Bag
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

Apart from square weaving, Bengok Craft applies pallet weaving techniques to certain products. In contrast to the box plaiting technique, the pallet plaiting technique uses whole water hyacinth without being split. Before weaving, the water hyacinth is twisted first. After that, start weaving crosswise to form a braid. The advantage of this technique is that the craft is sturdier because it uses whole water hyacinth and is twisted first. So it is very suitable to be applied in crafts whose function is to accommodate things that have more weight. Bengok craft that use this technique are home decor products such as Bengok Box, Bengok Basket, Bengok Vase, Bengok Pot, Bengok Bowl, Bengok Placemat, Bengok Tray, and Bengok Mat. In addition, there are also fashion products that use this technique, such as Bengok Sling Bag Horizontal, Bengok Sling Bag Vertical, and Bengok Sling Bag V.

Which weaving technique do you prefer?

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