Water hyacinth as a part of natural resources
Credit: Instagram @bengokcraft

Indonesia has abundant resources, one of which is natural resources. As an archipelagic country, its natural resources are diverse, ranging from oil and gas to non-oil and gas. Therefore, it is natural for us to take advantage of this potential by managing it, processing it, and marketing it well. Natural resources to be marketed may or may not be processed beforehand. However, before being marketed, there must be a particular standardization so that it is suitable for use and consumption by the public.

One way to optimize resources outcome is to create a community empowerment-based business. What is this? According to changesuk.net, a community empowerment business is a business in which working as well as empowering people – ways which mean that people feel ‘ confident ’, that they – and the groups they are involved in – are inclusive and organized, that networks are formed, are cooperative and support each other and – ultimately – they are influential.

Thus, a lot of human labor is absorbed to optimize the results of resources. They not only work but also enhance their skills or add skills they have never had before.

In addition, the people involved in it are usually local people from an established business. So, local people also get positive impacts from the business, such as improving their standard of living.

Community empowerment-based businesses are thus considered to be more profitable. The local community participates in developing the business in the context of optimizing the results of resources, not expats. Resources managed by the community are certainly more profitable, as described above.

However, the challenges ahead are rather formidable. Such as technological advances that allow production using engine power. In addition, foreigners such as expats manage many resources in Indonesia. Therefore, it is time for us as agents of change to continually develop our business by involving local communities so that they can feel the positive impact and their resources can still be used optimally.

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