Bags are one of our fashion supports, on various occasions we definitely often wear bags, both formal and informal occasions. A bag is a usually flexible container that may be closed for holding, storing, or carrying something.

In the current era, the development of fashion products such as bags is very diverse. Bags come in various types, models, sizes, shapes, and colors where everyone has their own preference.

Bengok Craft as a producer of fashion products always follows the trendsetters in society. It is undeniable that Korean style is now a preference for young people. Korean style emerged because of the influence of Korean culture. One of them is through Korean drama.

In it, many Korean actors and actresses use Korean fashion. Reporting from Line Today, Korean fashion has feminine, minimalist, and versatile characteristics.

This is what inspires many young people in Indonesia to adapt to this contemporary style.

Therefore, Bengok Craft is proud to launch one of its best fashion products, the Bengok K-Style Bag.

This bag has its own uniqueness because it combines the concept of feminine, minimalist, and versatile Korean fashion with traditional, unique, ethnic, and rustic Bengok Craft fashion. The Korean style lies in the use of a white strap that is beautiful and looks very feminine, very suitable for women. The two straps have different functions. The short strap is used for handbags while the long strap is used for sling bags so it is very easy to adjust to various occasions.

Apart from the strap, the material of this bag is also very unique, namely using dry water hyacinth. Thus, the product is very environmentally friendly.

Bengok K-Style bag has the following specifications:

Material : Eceng Gondok
Weight : 540 gr
Size : P = 25 L = 10 T 20
Technique: Pallet plait and knitting

Certainly, by purchasing our sustainable products, you’ve participated to support a better environment and community development.

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