IBAN held live streaming with Bengok Craft’s founder, Firman Setyaji to share the experiences on funneling strategy to sustain the business
Credit: Instagram @iban_id

A community named Iban (Indonesia Brand Activist Network) held live streaming on his Instagram @iban_id with the founder of Bengok Craft, Firman Setyaji. The event was held on Sunday, June 5, 2022, at 8 pm local time. This live streaming discussed the funneling strategy applied by Bengok Craft in its long-term business. Funneling strategies that are very common are using the AIDA concept. What are they?

1.          Awareness

The first funnel that occupies the top position could be called awareness. Awareness here is whether people are aware of the products you offer. Have they heard of or have ever known about your business? In addition, awareness in this stage includes the benefits of what you tell them. You had better know what product you are selling and learn more about it.

Firman Setyaji said that branding was one of the strategies to increase awareness among customers and potential customers. Promotion to many media increases sales and a branding strategy that could raise awareness.

2.          Interest

Furthermore, the second funnel is interest or interest. The key at this stage is why your products and services are valuable for prospective customers. This stage begins with leading or bringing in and convincing prospective customers to be interested in a process from a lead that is not familiar with being familiar. If you can build good awareness and brand visibility, it will make prospective customers curious. We must be able to explain well what the advantages of our products are prominent compared to similar products that competitors have. Provide content that is felt to be relevant and needed by prospective customers. No less critical, present this content with interesting visualization, such as images, video tutorials, or infographics.

Firman Setyaji said that the value in a business becomes very important in business. The owned product must have a uniqueness that makes it different from other products on the market, like Bengok Craft, which upholds 6 brand values: unique, ethnic, handy craft, simple, environmentally friendly, and community empowerment. These 6 brand values make Bengok Craft different from the others.

3.          Decision

The next funnel is decision or decision. At this stage, the intended prospect directs the visitor’s decision to purchase, use, and try the product or service you offer. It’s time for us to follow up (follow up) by providing attractive promos, such as discounted prices, free shipping, or giving certain gifts. In addition, you can also add information related to testimonials given by customers who have been using your product. These testimonials are essential to increase the trust and confidence of our visitors. Visitors who were previously interested can be more confident until they finally help make purchasing decisions. They will also show interest by contacting you like the product or service seller.

In its implementation, Firman Setyaji said at that time that his business, Bengok Craft, always made attractive offers for customers, for example, through big monthly sales. In addition, Bengok Craft also took the initiative to create products with the right momentum, for example, during Eid al-Fitr and Chinese New Year (in the form of hampers). Those moments are the right time to attract customers and have a more significant potential to buy them.

4.          Action

The last funnel is action. Here, customers are already interested in your services and are ready to buy. They already have an assessment that your product seems trustworthy and can solve their problem. If consumers are satisfied with the products or services you sell, they may make repeat purchases. In this last stage, it is necessary to maintain good relations with customers. You may offer programs such as Loyalty Rewards or Membership Programs to allow consumers to consistently come back to buy your products or services. Programs like these can increase customer engagement and belonging. Indirectly, these customers also become marketers of our business.

Thus, basically, when the funneling strategy is done previously, the customer would definitely execute his decision to buy the product. Firman said that engagement with buyers/customers needs to be considered at this stage, for example, by providing excellent service. Thus, customers will definitely feel satisfied and have the potential to repeat orders in the future.

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