Bengok Kepis Bag

Nowadays, the fashion trend is growing, including its products. One of them is bags, which are part of fashion. In the past, bags only prioritized their function, but nowadays, bags also have attractive shapes, colors, and patterns that will captivate people to see them.

The more variants of the bag, the more choices you can consider. However, did you know that as more products are created, there will be more waste when the product is no longer used? According to the SIPSN of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, by 2021, Indonesia contributed more than 20 million landfills per year. Indeed that’s not an enormous amount anymore, is it? But it is too huge. With problems like this, you as a generation of change must consider the use of products, including fashion products. Using fashion products such as environmentally friendly bags can be your best choice in reducing pollution.

Like the newest bag from Bengok Craft, the name is Bengok Kepis Bag. This one bag is not made of materials that harm the environment. Like the “Back To Nature” concept, this bag is made of water hyacinth, a weed plant usually found in swampy waters. Instead of just being a weed, this plant can be created into a bag that has a use-value. Thus, this bag has two essential contributions. In addition to reducing waste because this product is easy to decompose, this bag also contributes to preserving the Rawa Pening ecosystem due to the reduced availability of water hyacinth weeds.

In addition to promoting environmentally friendly values, this bag is also no less attractive than other bags. This bag has a shape like the letter “U” with a wooden handle. Crafted using pallet weaving techniques by local artisans, each piece feels incredibly valuable. This bag has a size of 20x10x28cm with a weight of 550gr, very suitable for casual or formal use.

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Bengok Craft. Turn Waste. To Save The Planet.

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