Water hyacinths are dried up before processed into valuable crafts
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Bengok Craft, a water hyacinth craft business in Semarang Regency, was established in 2019. Developments continue to exist today, but not with the value it has. Bengok Craft still maintains its 6 values to maintain its Branding. What are they?

1.           Unique

The products created by Bengok Craft are not only available on the market. Bengok Craft also produces out-of-the-box crafts, which are still rare, not infrequently. These incredible products also still use water hyacinth as the primary material. Products different from the usual are Bengok Helmet, Bengok Songkok, Bengok Mat Prayer, and others.

2.           Ethnique

Bengok Craft’s values are also very ethnic products. While other brands usually favor modern materials in their products, Bengok Craft still maintains its natural materials, namely using water hyacinth. Water hyacinth is usually found in swampy waters. However, water hyacinth can be made into a craft instead of just being a weed. To produce ethnic handicraft products.

3.           Handy Craft

If usually, handicraft products have used the help of machines as their work, Bengok Craft still adheres to manual labor, namely through the hands of the craftsmen. The reason is that Bengok Craft wants to improve the people’s standard of living around Rawa Pening, where Bengok Craft is present. People who initially only worked as farmers and collectors of water hyacinth could make creations made from these plants with a selling value many times higher. In addition, handmade crafts produce higher quality creations and have their own value in each weave.

4.           Simple

Indeed, there are many water hyacinth crafts on the market, but Bengok Craft has its own uniqueness. If other crafts usually mix and match water hyacinth with a touch of additional color, Bengok Craft still maintains the original color of dry water hyacinth, namely, a brownish color. As a result, the product is considered very simple but still own high quality. Because for Bengok Craft, product originality is the primary concern.

5.           Eco-friendly

As previously explained, Bengok Craft uses water hyacinth as the primary material for making crafts. Therefore, the product can be said as an environmentally friendly product. Water hyacinth is a natural material that is easily decomposed and not harmful to the environment. For customers, especially environmental activists, using Bengok Craft products can certainly be the right choice.

6.           Community Empowerment

Bengok Craft continues to empower local communities in building this sustainable business. By joining Bengok Craft, workers, including craftsmen and tailors, could improve their skills, which can improve their standard of living. For information, previously, the workers at Bengok Craft were just collectors of dried water hyacinths sold to water hyacinth manufacturers in other cities, such as Pekalongan and Yogyakarta. Thanks to Bengok Craft, they could also independently make these crafts.

These are Bengok Craft’s brand values. Bengok Craft believes it can build a sustainable ecosystem for many parties with these six points.

Bengok Craft. Turn Waste. To Save The Planet.

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