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Firman Setyaji (right) visits local artisans
Credit: SEA Today News

Starting from the creativity and foresight to seize opportunities and the desire to have a wide impact, those are what motivate them to create the work they do now, with a sense of gratification One of the SEA Today News events entitled “Meet The Creators” covered one of the unique craft businesses in Semarang Regency. The local business is called Bengok Craft. Bengok craft is a sociopreneur-based community empowerment business that processes raw water hyacinth into finished goods that have a higher value, various crafts.

So far, water hyacinth in Rawa Pening is only dried and then sold for IDR5000 per kilogram. The buyers come from several areas in Central Java such as Pekalongan and Yogyakarta which creates crafts as well.

This leads Firman Setyaji as a local community to empower local communities around Rawa Pening by providing creative space to make crafts from water hyacinth. Furthermore, he improves the standard of living of the Rawa Pening community by creating an ecosystem among farmers, artisans, and the marketing team.

Along with the journey, Bengok Craft has even penetrated its products into the export market. This is related to the mission which is stated in its brand “Bengok Craft”.

Bengok Craft consists of the term bengok which is a local language meaning water hyacinth and craft is derived from English. The hope is that we are able to bring local products to the global market.

Firman Setyaji, CEO of Bengok Craft on SEA Today News “Meet The Creators” (01/02)

See the full story of Bengok craft on SEA Today News Youtube Channel by click

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