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Bengok Craft’s products

Currently, a lot of imported products dominate the Indonesian market. Starting from excellent to mediocre quality. Do you know that we still have a prejudice against local products? Local products are considered not to have the quality as good as imported products. In fact, in reality, local products are currently growing and have high competitiveness. Apart from quality, there are many advantages if you buy local products. These are the advantages:

1. Help to boost economic growth

When you purchase local products, you indirectly contribute to improving the economic growth because the money spent only goes to the country, not abroad. In addition, MSMEs are also increasingly enthusiastic about opening new products and developing products that have been made if we are enthusiastic about purchasing local products.

2. Help to improve people’s standard of living

Another benefit, if you are proud of local products, is that you participate to improve people’s living. With the sale proceeds, the income of MSMEs will certainly increase and we will contribute to the welfare of the community.

3. Expand job opportunities

Proud of local products can be implemented through purchasing local products. When many people purchase local products, the demand will automatically increase and thus require more workers.

4. Own high quality

Local products are currently growing and can compete with foreign products. Many local products continue to improve quality and also develop innovations so that their products are increasingly in demand. In fact, nowadays many unique local products are being marketed to various countries in the world. For example, a community-based community empowerment business, namely Bengok Craft. This business processes water hyacinth into various valuable crafts such as home decor, sandals, bags, jackets, and others. Its products are in demand by customers from abroad such as Italy, Singapore, UAE, and others.

5. Has affordable price

Although the local products produced are of good quality, the prices offered are also okay in the pocket, you know. When compared to foreign products or export products, of course, the prices of Indonesian local products are usually still more affordable.

Thus, those are the reasons why we should be proud of local products, if we don’t support local products, who else?

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