Bengok Craft always cares for our partners who always support our work of crafts. As a business that processes water hyacinth into various crafts, we are always open for those who want to collaborate with us.

It is no doubt that we have business models ranging from B2C, B2B, or even B2G. What are they?

B2C stands for Business to Consumer, meaning that we market our products directly to the consumer (customer). Indeed, providing with best services. Bengok Craft always understands their needs, such as being open to critics and suggestions, using the best delivery service along with the city or across cities in Indonesia. Furthermore, we always provide the best of the best packaging to each customer. Last but not least, we often give special prices on certain days or events that are usually available in our marketplaces.

Apart from B2C, we are also open to B2B which stands for business-to-business. It means that we market or collaborate with other businesses. It is suitable for your industry that needs eco-friendly products for equipment or souvenirs. Furthermore, we can collaborate with your business by making up products that own specialty in each of our product characteristics.

Finally, we have arrived at our final business model. We are also open to B2G, standing for Business-to-Government. Similar to B2B business model, We are also ready to support governments’ needs, including equipment or souvenirs. Moreover, we are also open as Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) partners for government institutions by participating in their programs.

Along with openness to many parties, it is hoped that we can create a sustainable cycle among our business, customers, government, and other businesses in order to increase awareness about environmentally friendly products.

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