Bengok Craft won Best Brand Story on Indonesia SME’s Ambassador 2022

One of the SMEs from Semarang Regency, Bengok Craft is one of the winners in Indonesia SME’s Ambassador 2022.This business engaged in water hyacinth has won an award in the best brand story category in the grand final in Singapore, 8 May 2022.

This award was achieved because Bengok Craft has an interesting background, especially in the development of its craft business from the beginning until present.

Bengok Craft comes from two words, namely Bengok from the local language water hyacinth and also Craft from English which is expected to bring this local craft to the international market.

The background of the establishment of Bengok Craft stems from the anxiety of Firman Setyaji, the owner of Bengok Craft sees his hometown, which is around Rawa Pening. There the water hyacinth keeps grow massively, yet it harms the ecosystem as it is a weed plant.

In addition to environmental problems, from an economic perspective, there are also problems because local people only work as fishermen and sellers of cheap water hyacinth.  therefore, he took the initiative to convert water hyacinth into handicrafts in order to increase the value.  By empowering the surrounding community, Firman is able to overcome these two problems.

The story above attracted the attention of the jury so that this SMEcould win in the event.

Indonesia SME’s Ambassador is an event organized by BISA (Business Indonesia Singapore Association) in collaboration with Gayatri along with Cubulan.
This event selects ambassadors who have the potential to become influencers in promoting MSME products from Indonesia
In addition to choosing ambassadors, this event also selects the best MSMEs according to their qualifications.

Firman as the owner of Bengok Craft, met on May 10, 2022, said that his products are growing fast in Singapore. This is because of his participation in events that are still supported under the Singapore branch of Bank Indonesia.

He also said that his win would spur enthusiasm for the progress of crafting, especially in the innovation of his environmentally friendly creative products.

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