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“Life is a Flame To Enlighten” or in Javanese, “Urip Iku Urup” refers to the Javanese philosophy taught by Sunan Kalijaga or Sunan Kalijogo, a figure of Wali Songo (respected Islamic saints in Indonesia) who are closely related to Muslims in Java) because of its ability to incorporate Islamic influence into in the Javanese tradition. His belief was that life is like light or fire that should benefit others around us, the greater the benefits we can give, the better for all.

This philosophy is firmly held by Firman Setyaji, an owner of Bengok Craft.As an entrepreneur in the water hyacinth craft, he is not only looking for personal benefits, but he tries to provide benefits for the people around him.

As in developing his business, he thinks about environmental and economic aspects for the local people of Rawa Pening.

One of the reasons he runs his business is because he wants to reduce water pollution due to water hyacinth which grows massively in swamp areas.Water hyacinth has compounds that are harmful to living things in the swamp, such as fish.

In addition, the water hyacinth craft he made is expected to be eco-friendly products. Furthermore, it can reduce waste because natural water hyacinth is very easy to decompose. Furthermore, it can reduce waste because natural water hyacinth is very easy to decompose.

While in the economic aspect, Firman is also concerned with sustainability for the local community around Rawa Pening. Those who initially only sell water hyacinth raw, are now empowered by Firman to become water hyacinth craftsmen who have high creativity, so that the products they produce have a higher selling power. As a result, their standard of living is increasing.

Therefore, the local community around Rawa Pening also felt the positive impact of the business created by that man from Semarang Regency.

The motto that he brought is hoped that in the future, more people will receive the positive impacts of Bengok Craft.

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