Today, April 22, 2022, we celebrate Earth Day.  Yes, the place we live in has an important essence in life.  We survive, sleep, eat, drink, and do activities on this earth.  Actually not only for humans, but also all living things.  Imagine, when the earth cannot perform its role, we may no longer live on this planet.

Naturally, with the condition of the earth getting older along with the damage to the earth due to irresponsible human activities, we should be aware that there should be efforts that can protect the earth in order to minimize the damage to the earth.  Such as doing reforestation, recycling plastic waste, upcycle unused natural materials, and others.

Bengok Craft, is one of the businesses that participates in protecting the earth.  Bengok Craft is not an ordinary business because its business is not just looking for profit, but rather emphasizes environmental conservation. Yes, Bengok Craft processes water hyacinth, which is usually just a weed in the swamp waters into various kinds of high-value crafts.

The crafts are not harmful to the environment because they use natural materials, so they can reduce environmental pollution.  In addition, weeds that pollute the swamp environment are also reduced because they are routinely processed to be made into handicrafts.

The presence of Bengok Craft since 2019 until now is also a witness that its efforts are participating in protecting the earth. In the future, hopefully more agents of change will actively participate in preserving the earth. Because the earth, must be protected.

Happy Earth Day, Sobat Bengok!

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