UMKM Gayeng 2022
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Representative Office (KPw) Bank Indonesia (BI) of Central Java tries to encourage Central Java MSMEs to go international in an effort to restore the national economy in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. BI Central Java again held the fourth time exhibition of the UMKM Gayeng 2022 in three locations at once. Namely at Atrium Paragon Mall, Semarang City, from Tuesday (04/19/2022) to Sunday (04/24/2022) and at Suntec City Mall Singapore (North Atrium) from Monday (04/18/2022) to Sunday (24/04/ 2022). In addition, reportedly, this event is also held in Belgium. In addition, this exhibition can also be visited virtually via The exhibitions held at these locations are aimed at attracting both local and international visitors to local products typical of Central Java.

Visitors can discover the unique story and cultural values behind specially curated products from Central Java. The products displayed in the Gayeng MSME 2022 are categorized as follows; Natural Living-Home Decor, Sustainably Stylish-Fashion, and Taste of Indonesia – Food.

Bengok Craft is one of the home decor craft SMEs participating in the international exhibition. Bengok Craft has transformed water hyacinth, a plant that reproduces quickly and often clogs slow-flowing streams into the use of innovative and new product designs. Bengok Craft, which is 100% handmade, has added value to many daily products such as bags, slippers, and home accessories. Bengok Craft is back in this exhibition after last year’s success in fulfilling Singapore’s demand for its local creations.

Bengok Craft participates at UMKM Gayeng 2022
Credit: Instagram

“We are very proud to be able to return to attend the MSME Gayeng 2022 exhibition. Hopefully, our creations can reach a wider market, especially this year there is a new market in Belgium,” said Firman Setyaji, the owner of Bengok Craft (04/19)

With the theme of UMKM Gayeng Go GRANDE (Go Green, Sustainable, Digital and Export), through this event, hundreds of MSMEs are encouraged to take the class and penetrate the global market through increasing MSME capacity and other coaching programs.

This series of events from Bank Indonesia is actually not only an exhibition, but also includes 5 talk shows and fashion shows that also enliven this international exhibition.

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