Visitors visit Bengok Craft’s booth at Sarinah
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Sarinah transformed both in terms of facilities and infrastructure. The transformation which was completed in the first quarter of 2022 upholds the hallmark of being not only the first shopping center in Indonesia but also the second home for MSMEs. In Sarinah, visitors can discover MSME booths, such as food and beverages, fashion, to crafts. They must have passed a strict selection procedure to enter Sarinah, so the quality of the product is guaranteed. In addition, each MSME also has its own characteristics.

For example, Bengok Craft, one of the handicraft SMEs from Semarang Regency, processes natural materials into crafts. Its creations employ water hyacinth as the main material for its creations and also they are adapted to current trends, thus making it look classic, ethnic, and rustic.

Of course, the uniqueness of Bengok Craft’s creations was also considered by Sarinah, so its creations were also displayed in Sarinah. The creations displayed include sandals, hats, books, wallets, tote bags, sling bags, aprons, and others.

Not infrequently, his creations are in great demand by Sarinah visitors.

“Our creations are highly enthusiastic by visitors. It hasn’t been a month, our stocks are very low and we are preparing to restock it again,” said Firman Setyaji, the owner of Bengok Craft when met at Bengok Craft’s home base (04/17)

Furthermore, Firman said that the best-selling creations during his time at Sarinah were Bengok Slipper, Bengok Totebag, and Bengok Slingbag.

Of course, this is a positive sign of economic revival since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Indonesia. Sarinah, who carries this new characteristic, is also expected to invite the enthusiasm of not only local visitors but also foreign visitors.

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