Bengok Sport Hat

Wearing clothes, accessories, and jewelry is part of fashion that makes up style. Despite wearing perfunctory, it is still a part of fashion. That is why fashion cannot be separated from everyday life. Wearers ranging from children to adults even the elderly have their own fashion as an identity marker. This makes fashion unlimited or in another sense applies to all circles, even though in reality, most fashion developments are for teenagers to adults.

One part of fashion that can support appearance is accessories. Currently, there are so many accessories that can be found, from head-to-toe accessories. One of the accessories that are experiencing massive development is a hat, an accessory that is placed above the head. This accessory is usually used to protect the head and face from sun exposure. In addition, there are also hats that are waterproof, protecting the wearer from raindrops.

However, the current hat is not only limited to its functional value. Hats also have a decorative value, namely to support the appearance. However, it is also possible that the hat has both of these values, such as the Bengok Sport Hat. Besides the function of protecting the face from the sun, this hat also has a unique concept because it employs two materials, namely jeans and water hyacinth. Water hyacinth, which is usually found in swamps, is processed in such a way that it becomes a plait that is attached to this hat. Of course, in addition to making Sobat Bengok’s appearance even more swag, you also support local wisdom products.

This Bengok Sport Hat has all sizes because the back of the hat is equipped with adjustable equipment, making it suitable for all people. This hat is perfect for your casual look. In addition, this hat can also be mixed and matched with other Bengok Craft creations such as Bengok Jacket, Bengok Shirt, Bengok Totebag, and others.

Grab your Bengok Sport Hat now. Click to order. Otherwise, Sobat Bengok can also visit our gallery which is located at Fatmawati Street No. 8, Sejambu, Rt 02, RW.05, Ngreco, Kesongo, Tuntang, Semarang Regency, Central Java 50773.

Bengok Craft. Turn Waste. To Save The Planet.

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