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Talking about MSMEs’ contribution there were 64.2 million MSMEs with a contribution to GDP of IDR 8,573 trillion in 2021. The massive growth of MSMEs does not only have an impact on the Indonesian economy, the nature of MSMEs which today are not only focused on seeking economic benefits, of course, has an impact on the rise of social innovations for the community.

“Social entrepreneurship and social innovation are part of the solution, as they both explicitly aim to provide innovative solutions to unsolved social problems, putting social value creation at the heart of their mission in order to improve individuals’ and communities’ lives and increase their well -being.”

With a large number of GDP originating from MSMEs and through MSMEs, especially those that have a focus on social entrepreneurship or whose business activities involve the active role of the community, it is hoped that social innovations will be born that will have a positive impact on the community, it is very clear that the business unit in This category has a strategic position for Indonesia, especially in the digital era.

The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs @kemenkopukm targets that by 2024, there will be 30 million MSMEs that have entered the digital ecosystem. However, aside from this target, there are several obstacles faced by MSMEs in the digital era, such as they have not maximized online marketing to improve quality in the form of digitizing business products. With a large number of MSMEs in Indonesia and the massive internet penetration in Indonesia, it is necessary to discuss the digitization of MSMEs are interesting things to discuss in order to answer problems that only exist on the surface to other problems.

For these discourses, the Forbil Discussion Series (FDS) held a routine discussion program held by the Forbil Institute @forbil_institute with the aim of discussing discourses that have a strategic position by inviting various stakeholders and then trying to accommodate discussions on digitalization, MSMEs, and innovation. into FDS Edition 1 with the theme DIGITALIZATION PARADIGM AND HOW MSMEs BRING SOCIAL INNOVATION.

This discussion was held on the last Wednesday, 30 March 2022, precisely at 15:30 local time. It invited two speakers, first, Aldi Novri Kurnia Abidin – Special Staff Expert Staff of the Minister for Creative Economy Empowerment Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs @kemenkopukm. Furthermore, the second speaker from Bengok Craft’s founder namely Firman Setyaji.

This discussion organized by the Forbil Institute is very useful for MSMEs and the general public in improving promotional strategies through digitalization.”

Firman Setyaji said after the discussion (3/31)

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