Bengok Craft, as one of the MSMEs with environmental insight had the opportunity to showcase their creations at the Alila Hotel Solo, since 29-31 March 2022.

As seen above, many Bengok Craft products displayed in the hotel lobby. Starting from bags, sandals, and hats with various models.
Those crafts with the same tone are eco-friendly crafts because the material is made of water hyacinth. With a unique and aesthetic design, making it look comfortable.
Bengok Craft’s commitment is in line with one of the G20 goals which wants to encourage economic recovery with local products. Anyway, this is not an ordinary exhibition because this fair is one of a series of events in the success of the G20 presidency.

Bengok Craft is proud to participate in G20 presidency. In this big event, we as MSME have a chance to promote our local products to the world. This is a great chance to boost economy.

Firman Setyaji, CEO of Bengok Craft said at Alila Solo Hotel (03/31)

The G20 presidency is an international event held by inviting world leaders to discuss current issues.
This exhibition iss open for public. The public can visit here on March 30-31 2022. Meanwhile, March 29 is only reserved for the G20 delegates.

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