Bengok Craft, along with other MSMEs received an appreciation from IKEA

Bengok Craft participated in the Teras Indonesia, a space from IKEA where small-medium enterprises are allowed to promote their craft products there.

Bengok Craft got a chance to show its products at IKEA Alam Sutera from 6-19 March 2022. After a long time, Bengok Craft finished participating in this event conducted by one of the largest furniture manufacturers.

In the closing session, Bengok Craft received an appreciation given by IKEA. The appreciation is intended to support small-medium enterprises as they have already reached local products brought to the export market.

We are so proud to participate at this IKEA Teras Indonesia. Hopefully, our products are more well-known and recognized in wide scope,

Firman Setyaji, CEO of Bengok Craft

Bengok Craft thereafter strives to its commitment to shaping a better atmosphere. First, in the social aspect, Bengok Craft always empowers local communities around Rawa Pening in creating sustainable craft products. Local communities are able to sharpen their skills, leading them to be more creative and innovative. Second, in the environmental aspect, Bengok Craft strives to employ natural materials in its products, with zero waste. The natural material includes water hyacinth, which usually only becomes a weed. Water hyacinth is turned into valuable crafts which has more value instead of the raw version.

Third, in the economic aspect, local communities empowered by Bengok Craft do not get only skills. Instead, their improved skills could bring them to own a better standard of living as their creations sold at a decent price.

These are commitments held by Bengok Craft. With the support of external parties, Bengok Craft is expected to hold tightly its commitments.

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